PMGC Dedicated Server Advantages

Flexible server configurations

If you cannot find the required dedicated server specifications we can adjust our base server configurations to meet your needs. Talk to our solutions consultant to discuss your dedicated server requirements.

Multi-vendor capabilities

PMGC Managed Hosting operates across a number of vendor platforms which enable our solutions experts to give unbiased opinions on what would be best for your business. This allows us to work over the longer term with our customers and become a trusted adviser and strategic partner.

Knowledgeable support staff available 24/7/365

Available around the clock the PMGC support team ensures that client’s IT and dedicated server solutions are continually monitored. We can provide basic hands-on support or complex solutions consultancy depending on customers' requirements.

Hardware replacement guarantee

We maintain a stock of all critical dedicated server and networking components in order to ensure we always meet our SLA agreements. Our standard four hour hardware service level agreement can be reduced to a one hour SLA if required.

Network and Power Uptime

Our fully redundant network architecture means that we can provide you with a 100% Network & Power Uptime service level agreement. In the unlikely event that internet connectivity or power fails we will refund your service credits.

Additional managed hosting services

We provide our customers with a number of additional managed hosting services including but not limited to managed hardware firewalls, advanced monitoring, storage and backup solutions, load balancing, security and compliance, disaster recovery.