Storage & Backup

R1Soft Backup

R1Soft CDP Solution is a server software application that enables disk-based data protection and disaster recovery for servers and workstations running Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. CDP Servers protect disk volume data by using replication and synchronisation over the network, storing point-in-time snapshots which copy disk sector changes in a disk-based storage. In this way, the synchronisation routine between the CDP server and CDP client is swiftly carried out and can take only minutes to complete, even when dealing with large amounts of data.

High Performance Backups

The first time your continuous data protection policy runs it will perform an initial replica of your data, after which a server backup will store block level deltas, leading to shorter backup windows and reduced disk I/O.

Bare-Metal Restore

A faster alternative to file-by-file restore in the event of disaster. By bypassing the file system and streaming blocks directly to disk, restores of large file systems can be performed significantly faster.

Innovative Web interface

In addition to policy management and reporting you can browse, download, and restore files from different recovery points by using an Explorer-style interface. Additionally, users can see the detailed progress of replication and restore jobs as they run.

Multi-Point Replication

Tape is tedious. Efficiently make multiple backup copies of servers for on-site and off-site needs with no interruption to Servers during the replication.

Portable Storage Backups

With Portable Disk Safe® technology, your backups go wherever you need. You can move a disk safely to a new location, open it with another Server Backup installation or even copy it to a USB drive.

MS Volume Shadow Copy

Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service is used to produce a point-in-time snapshot of disk volumes, delivering protection for locked and open files.

Powerful file excludes

Browse file system and select any combination of files and folders to be excluded from your continuous data protection policy which can be tailored to your business by adding advanced rules.

Disk Safe Encryption

AES-256 Disk Safe Encryption can be enabled at the time of creating Disk Safes for backup data. This aids in the protection of data stored in the backup server and in the protection of all data over the network.

Industrial Strength Storage

Archive up to 64TB of recovery points per disk. On-disk journaling passes the ACID test and recovers automatically from crashes and product failure.