Advanced Monitoring

Our monitoring solutions provide you with an overall picture that enables you to intelligently plan for growth and infrastructure. We understand that managing your business online without sufficient information can delay business decisions and increase the time to respond to security issues which is why we ensure that you have direct access to all of the vital information you need.

Proactive Uptime Monitoring

This thorough monitoring service checks all the key elements of your server including FTP, PING, SMTP, HTTP, and POP3. We believe that pro-active monitoring allows you to easily report on the performance of your server profile and quickly identify any issues. Via your client control panel you can track every aspect of your solution from bandwidth consumption to disk utilisation. Both you and our technical support team will be notified immediately if you reach a pre-defined threshold.

Additional monitors include:

  • CPU and memory
  • Applications
  • Disk utilisation
  • Temperature
  • Activity
  • Mail queue statistics

Process memory monitoring

Monitor your memory usage of processes that are running on your server, virtual server or cloud. Our intelligent solution will notify you if usage exceeds the pre-defined thresholds on the maximum amount of memory for that particular process.

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