Disaster Recovery Services

Every business should have a business continuity plan in place. This must be a well-documented and detailed course of action to ensure that their business can get through a disaster and continue in the event of either natural or human-induced down-time. This plan includes crisis management, business procedures/processes and work area management to name a few considerations.

Another important part of your business continuity plan is IT disaster recovery (DR). In broad terms, this is how you deal with and prevent IT downtime. Even if every other part of your business continuity plan is executed perfectly, you remain at a standstill if your IT systems goes down and stays down. As an example, an e-commerce site provides a business with revenue via sales from online shoppers. I.T managers need to ask themselves how will the business cope should there be downtime to this platform? And, what precautions can be put in place to ensure maximum uptime for the website?

With dedicated solutions architects to hand, PMGC are able to consult with customers to ensure solutions are STABLE, ROBUST and most importantly RELIABLE. PMGC will ensure its network is managed by trained technicians and engineers so you can focus on the success of your business.

Contact a PMGC solutions consultant to discuss your requirements on 020 7287 9928 or email us at sales@pmgchosting.com.